Hosting a Group Drumming Event is a Smart Investment

It pays to keep the employees you have.  Be nice!

Profit sharing, commissions, signing bonuses -- these terms are not part of the public education vernacular.  While public school teaching has its advantages, monetary rewards are not among them.  So when a new principal came into the school where I taught for twelve years, and gave each of the teachers a $30 gift card to be used toward our classrooms, we all felt as though we had won the lottery.  We were ecstatic. It was a simple gesture, and yet it went a long way toward laying the foundation for a relationship built on trust and loyalty.

Businesses spend an enormous amount of money on hiring and training each and every employee.  Doesn't it make sense to continue the investment, through acts of goodwill that will demonstrate that you value their daily contributions?

A Calypso steel drum workshop can offer an afternoon of pure fun for your employees.  Playing the steel drums together will relieve stress, stimulate creativity, build community and celebrate the collective strenghts of your team.  More importantly, it will garner employee loyalty and establish a positive climate in which everyone wants to contribute to the success of the company.

Just like the gift cards, it's a simple gesture, and a smart investment.