Improve Your Company Culture Through Group Drumming/Team Building

Improve Your Company Culture Through Group Drumming/Team Building With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to take stock of your company culture. For employees, noticing who gets promoted and who doesn’t is the true indicator of how healthy a work culture is. For managers, it’s a good time to reflect on specific questions that contribute to the overall morale, including the following:

• Do employees feel listened to, valued, trusted?
Are teams motivated?
• Is risk-taking encouraged?
• Is there strong support for professional development?
• Do you celebrate successes?

If any of the aforementioned give you pause, a team building steel drumming workshop is just the thing to usher in the new year. Leonard Bernstein, one of America’s most celebrated composers, pianists, and conductors, once said, “The best way to know a thing is in the context of another discipline.” There is truly nothing like joining with colleagues in a collaborative music-making event -- to break down resistance, define a common purpose, and acknowledge and appreciate what you all bring to the table.

By investing in this type of professional development, you are building shared meaning. Listening skills and trust among team members increase. Playing the steel drums will tap into the intuitive side of the brain, which will lead to creative and innovative problem solving. Most importantly, you will celebrate the process as you enjoy making music together.

As you prepare for the new year, make sure you are doing everything in your power to create and promote a healthy culture in the workplace. Innovation and productivity, i.e. the bottom line, will increase as a result of your efforts.