Perspectives Shift When Circumstances Demand

That's the feeling that comes across in the movie "Hidden Figures."  It's a perfect example of perspectives changing for the better, due to demanding circumstances.

Setting: early 1960's Virginia, when segregation is the law.  NASA is on an urgent mission to put a man into space.

Circumstance:  the all white, all male Space Task Group can't figure out the geometry necessary to make the space flight possible.

Changed perspective: let go of race and gender biases, in order to utilize the most talented math minds available.

According to author Margot Lee Shetterly, hundreds of women worked at NASA centers as computers, engineers, mathematicians and scientists in the early years.  Although their names have been largely omitted from the history books, their male counterparts knew enough to rely on these women for their invaluable contributions to the space program.  Circumstances demanded it.

"Hidden Figures" is an extreme case, but even when your circumstances are less dramatic, perspectives can and should change.  Otherwise inertia may set in, and you run the risk of losing your competitive edge.

Participating in a Calypso steel drum workshop is an ideal way to unlock the creative, collective mindset of your team, allowing perspectives to shift and synchronization to take hold.  Music-making connects people, and those connections are edifying.  Music-making sheds light on the individual, the whole, the unified, and the possibility of what your team is capable of achieving when you look at yourselves from a new perspective.