What People Are Saying About Calypso

If you are looking for something new and different that will produce value, you have come to the right place.  Read what people are saying about Calypso steel drum workshops:

About the VALUE:
“It's important to create a work environment that people want to be part of. And I think when we offer a few of these other, what I would consider benefits; steel drumming to me is a benefit; that they appreciate that and then they go back to work in an environment that they
feel good about.”
- Gina Kelley, Director of Human Performance, VELCO

“It was a great opportunity for our staff to think outside the box. The common experience broke down barriers amongst the employees. If you learn and laugh together, then there is an increased camaraderie amongst individuals.”
- Melissa Disorda, Executive Assistant Director, Housing Trust of Rutland County

“It was a perfect break from all the planning for the beginning of the year. It was fun, enjoyable and a great team building activity.
- Karen Trimboli, Principal, Ludlow Elementary School

“It was great fun and so great for us to connect in a different and meaningful way.”
- Cheryl Scarzello, Director of Finance, Addison Rutland Supervisory Union

“Who would have known a bunch of engineers would have sounded so good?”
- Kim Moulton, Engineer, VELCO

 “Joy and fun are important. Steel drumming gave us that, as well as an opportunity to relax
a little and change up the pace.”
- Jennifer Coleman, Yoga Instructor

“I loved every minute. It was a great way to promote listening, cooperation, flexibility and fun!”
- Kathy Willis, teacher”